The National Interest on the JQA Society’s Work Building a New Generation of Leaders

Branding the John Quincy Adams Society a cross-partisan “Federalist Society for Foreign Policy,” The National Interest‘s Curt Mills writes,

JQAS hopes to churn out a new generation of primacy-skeptic foreign policy professionals, including journalists. So, a generation hence, when a president runs and wins on bemoaning American misadventure abroad, she’ll have more than the usual suspects with which to fully staff an administration. […]

JQAS is part of a burgeoning “counter-elite,” says [executive director John] Gay, that will stand ready for service in administrations on either side of the aisle that want to shift decisively toward a more peaceful foreign policy.

Mills highlighted the enthusiasm, and engagement of our students:

For all the vaunted “zoomer” cynicism, I saw an engaged new generation ready to join the foreign policy conversation. Not soon enough.

“It was great to be surrounded by so many like-minded realist thinkers, many of whom I see as being the future of foreign policy in Washington,” Jake Mercier, nineteen, of George Washington University told me.

You can read the full article at TNI here.