Upcoming Event – Korea: America’s Forgotten Forever War

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
7:00 PM ET on Zoom
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The U.S. relationships with North Korea and South Korea have been in and out of the headlines. Looking North, Washington has attempted both a maximum pressure strategy and high-level diplomacy, including meetings between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. There has been talk of signing a peace treaty to formally end the Korean War. North and South Korea have engaged in their own diplomacy. And all this happens amid increasingly hostile relations between the United States and China. Where is all this headed?

Join us as we hear from Henri Féron, a non-resident senior fellow at the Center for International Policy. He focuses on security and legal issues in East Asia, in particular peace and alliance treaties, sanctions, nuclear disarmament, maritime disputes, and human rights. He currently advises several national and international advocacy groups on the Korean nuclear crisis. He is the co-editor of Pathways to a Peaceful Korean Peninsula (Korean Institute for National Unification, 2016) and the author of a critical evaluation of The Chinese Model of Human Rights (2015), his doctoral dissertation at Tsinghua Law School, Beijing.

His research has been published in the Columbia Journal of Asian Law, Ecology Law Quarterly, Asia-Pacific Journal, China Journal of Legal Science and Ethics and Global Politics. He has been interviewed for or been cited on North Korea in Bloomberg, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Asia Times, Quartz, as well as French, Spanish, Singaporean, Chinese and Korean media outlets. He regularly writes on North Korea for The National Interest, NK News and 38 North.