Our Spring 2022 Marcellus Policy Fellows

The Marcellus Policy Fellowship is the John Quincy Adams Society’s most selective program, providing promising foreign policy minds an early-career opportunity to produce independent, impact-minded research under expert guidance. Fellows learn about U.S. foreign policy from top scholars and path-breaking thinkers, refining their own ideas into a high-quality policy paper and supporting materials. The Society is pleased to release the Spring 2022 Marcellus Policy Analyses which can be found below.

Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher is currently serving as a coordinator with the American Society of Landscape Architects. Matt’s paper outlines how the U.S. can better effectively defend Taiwan. Read Matthew’s paper here.

James Himberger

James Himberger is a recent graduate of Tufts University with degrees in political science and philosophy. He hails from upstate New York. James’s analysis makes the case for how the U.S. can better maximize its defense relationship with India. Read James’s paper here.

Andrew Jarocki

Andrew Jarocki is the current Editor-in-Chief for the Realist Review. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Andrew has previously written for Defense News and Navy Times. Andrew’s policy analysis is on how the U.S. should reform its excess defense articles (EDA) program. Read Andrew’s paper here.

Jordan King

Jordan King is a recent graduate from York College of Pennsylvania studying Public Policy and Administration (MPPA). He graduated from York College with a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations. Jordan’s policy analysis examines the security relationship between the U.S. and NATO. He ultimately recommends for the U S. to no longer act as NATO’s primary security guarantor. Read Jordan’s paper here.

A.J. Manuzzi

A.J. Manuzzi is a second-year International Affairs M.A. student at American University in Washington, D.C. A.J.’s policy analysis looks at the failed U.S. policy of maximum pressure towards Venezuela. Read A.J.’s paper here.

Daniel Thayer

Daniel Thayer is a Legislative Correspondent in Senator Rand Paul’s office where he covers the Defense, Foreign Policy, and Veterans Affairs portfolios. Daniel’s policy analysis is what a foreign policy of restraint would look like in the Balkans. He proposes recommendations for how the U.S. should retrench from the Balkans while still safeguarding its interests in Europe. Daniel’s paper is coming soon.

Andy Zhao

Andy Zhao is a third-year undergraduate student at Yale University studying Global Affairs. Andy’s policy analysis proposes recommendations for a more restrained U.S. cyber policy. 

Note: The Marcellus Policy Fellowship is an educational exercise, and these analyses are the author’s personal views and do not indicate the Society’s views on any given subject.