Meet Michael Culp, the Society’s Newest Team Member

What are you most excited about in your new role?
I’m excited about getting the opportunity to help connect people to the Society’s ideas, professional opportunities, expanding its operations, bringing the Society’s message in foreign policy to new audiences, and utilizing our existing audience more effectively.

What books on U.S. foreign policy have most influenced your career?

There are several books/readings that have influenced my thinking on U.S. foreign policy and my career: Chapter 14 War and Foreign Policy in Murray Rothbard’s For A New Liberty, also his book War Collectivism (During WWI), Fool’s Errand by Scott Horton, Swords into Plowshares by Ron Paul, and The Empire Has No Clothes by Ivan Eland. These books expounded upon the concepts found in realism & restraint, the military-industrial complex, the war state, and the consequences of U.S. foreign policy that is solely dictated by primacy & hegemony.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Most people know that I’m an avid reader, but what they don’t know is that I’ve been able to amass a small personal library of over 300 books.