Our nation’s foreign policy is on the wrong track. We’ve been at war for seventeen years and counting. We shoot first and ask questions later, leading to disaster in places like Iraq and Libya.

It’s up to us, the next generation of leaders, to chart a new, more careful path, shaped by humility, realism, and prudence and defined by self-restraint, diplomacy, deterrence, and peace.

The John Quincy Adams Society is a nonpartisan, national organization that aims to identify and educate the next generation of foreign policy leaders, to network them with one another and with leading figures in our field, and to empower them to advance in their careers. We build chapters on university campuses, reaching both undergraduate and graduate students. Our chapters serve as centers for learning and debate that challenges the national security status quo.

Chapters host expert speakers, from former officials to scholars like Andrew Bacevich and John Mearsheimer. Chapters put on exciting activities like documentary screenings, crisis simulations, and discussions of current international events. They learn about opportunities to get jobs and internships in the foreign policy arena and develop connections and skills that can accelerate their careers. And they join a national network of students on thirty campuses that share their desire to serve the public good via an impactful and successful foreign policy career.

To find out more, fill out the form below. (Click here if the form doesn’t load.) Faculty members who would like a chapter on their campus should email the Society’s executive director, John Gay, at john.gay@jqas.org.