The John Quincy Adams has two opportunities this summer you won’t want to miss. Join us in Washington, D.C. this July 18-22. This is your chance to learn, grow, and connect – and to prepare yourself to make change in the world of U.S. foreign policy and #ReclaimFP.

You can participate in both programs or just one. See below for the universal application.

If you aren’t in Washington, we can provide hotel and travel costs for many participants. There are no fees to participate in either of these programs.

Morgenthau Grand Strategy Seminar

Are you a student or early career professional looking to deepen your knowledge of grand strategy this summer? The Morgenthau Grand Strategy Seminar is for you. Join us in Washington, D.C. from July 18-20 for small, intensive seminars led by rising grand strategy scholars. Choose your path through a wide selection of topics within grand strategy, dig into pre-readings that set the stage, and engage in a rich dialogue with peers who share your interest in thinking big about the future of American foreign policy. The Seminar will also feature an in-depth dinner discussion with Stephen M. Walt on some of his early scholarship about why and when states choose to form alliances.

The Foreign Policy Leadership Development Program

Learn from the minds reshaping today’s debates about U.S. foreign policy. Discover career paths that could help you make the tough transition from studying foreign policy to working in foreign policy. Learn how to build the track record as a leader on campus that can strengthen your resume. Meet peers from around the country who share your interests and your desire for a smarter U.S. foreign policy.

Speakers: Stephen Walt on the Blob, Heather Brandon-Smith on her work on Capitol Hill advancing the rule of law in foreign policy, Eugene Gholz on the economics of security, David Hendrickson on early American foreign policy, Stephen Wertheim on how WWII changed U.S. foreign policy, Julie Thompson-Gomez on graduate school and PhD programs, Dan Caldwell on his work supporting the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, John Allen Gay on foreign policy careers, many more TBA – planned topics include the Russian attack on Ukraine, the military balance between China and Taiwan, Iran, North Korea, building your personal brand, campus leadership skills, and more.

The Foreign Policy Leadership Development Program is the John Quincy Adams Society’s summer conference for undergraduate students. Join us July 20-22 in Washington.


The application can also be found here.

We plan to hold this conference in-person but will follow local regulations and venue requirements and adjust plans if required.