Wednesday, July 22 – Friday, July 24 in Washington, DC

Enjoyable, educational, and gave me better insight as to what I want to do with my life.

A 2019 attendee on the conference

Students: join the John Quincy Adams Society this summer in Washington, D.C. for two and a half days of intensive foreign policy learning, networking, and leadership training. Your participation in the Society’s annual Student Leadership Conference will plug you in to Washington’s foreign policy debates and the growing, cross-partisan movement for a more careful U.S. approach. It will sharpen your leadership skills – skills that have relevance on your campus and in your career. It will prepare you to build up a chapter of the Society on your campus that will be a leading venue for serious, path-breaking conversations on foreign policy. And it will connect you with professionals in several highly desired foreign affairs career tracks so that you’ll be ready to make the transition from your education into a high-impact foreign policy role.

You can read about our 2019 conference here (plus some press coverage here and a podcast here) and our 2018 conference here.

[This] answered many questions that I had about how to lead a chapter and what resources are available to me.

A student leader on our panel of former student leaders

Please apply below. We will be monitoring developments around COVID-19 may adjust plans as necessary – participants’ health will be our top priority.


A student leader on our visit to Capitol Hill